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Rolling Hills Pet Clinic Now Offering High Quality Antivenom for an Affordable Price

According to KOLD 13 news report on March 20, 2017, Above Average Heat Bringing Out Rattlesnakes, first responders are finding more snakes in unlikely places. Crews have responded to snake calls at playgrounds, backyards and even on school grounds. Wildlife experts say this may be because the hotter than normal temperatures in Arizona could be causing snakes to give birth earlier.

Rolling Hills Pet Clinic now offers an affordable treatment for Snake Bites. Rattler antivenin allows us to treat your pet on an out-patient basis at our clinic, in hopes of sending your pet home the same day.

Our antivenin is ready to administer in less than 10 minutes to your pet. It is “Made in America” and works against all pit vipers in North America, including the Mohave Rattlesnake Type A. It is potent enough to treat the typical snake bite with 1 single dose.

Dr. Haskell says, “We are so thrilled to be able to now offer this groundbreaking low-cost treatment for pets that have been bitten by a snake. Never before has there been an option where 1 dose can almost completely neutralize the snake’s venom this rapidly, and has the potential to save pet parents thousands of dollars.”

Call us at 520.790.4871 for more information regarding this revolutionary snake bite treatment option.