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Celebrating Rolling Hill Pet Clinic Amazing Support Staff

The National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) hosts National Tech Week every year in October.

At Rolling Hills Pet Clinic, we celebrate our entire veterinary support staff, both vet techs/assistants and receptionists, for all that they do.

Veterinary technicians and assistants are trained to be lab technicians, anesthetists, oral hygienists, x-ray technicians, pharmacy technicians, grief counselors, nutrition counselors, nurses, client educators, surgery assistants, medical assistants, and help provide compassionate care to pets and owners.

Veterinary receptionists do so much more than just answering the phone and book appointments. They are the first smiling faces clients see when they walk in the door, they are the comforting voice over the phone when your pet is hurt or ill, as well as the knowledgeable client educators, which may include which shampoo to use on your new puppy to helping understand step by step everything that is involved in your pet’s anesthetic procedure.

Please join us in saying THANK YOU to all the vet techs/assistants and receptionists, who are every veterinary clinic's back bone!

Without our support staff, we would not be able to care of your four legged family member with such excellent care and compassion!