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My Pet has “Stinky” Breath. No Big Deal, Right??

Actually, bad breath is not healthy and can be a sign of dental disease. That's why at Rolling Hills Pet Clinic, we do a full dental exam on every pet that come's in for a check up. We even will use black lights to show pet owners any plaque that is not visible to the naked eye, which is the precursor to dental disease.

Recent studies have shown that if left untreated, chronic dental disease can negatively effect a pet’s organs. The formation of plaque on teeth leads not only to calculus or tartar build up, but also gingivitis and if left untreated will progress into more advanced dental disease. YUCK!

Because of dental disease’s affects on overall health, it’s more than a localized problem that leads to bad breath and tooth loss — it’s also the beginning of more severe overall health issues. The bacteria in your pet’s mouth from periodontal disease can be released into the blood stream and travel throughout the body. This can lead to heart , kidney, or liver disease. There are also studies that link dental disease to an increase in insulin resistance, which can be very problematic for diabetic pets.

Other signs of dental disease could be:

  • Loose
  • Head Shy
  • Paws at Mouth
  • Drools
  • Drops Food/Chews Food on One Side of Mouth
  • Bleeding from the mouth
  • Teeth that are discolored or covered in tartar

Dental home care is important and it’s never to late to start. A professional dental cleaning gives your pet a clean slate and home care can be just as easy as giving dental treats, feeding a dental diet, or brushing your pet’s teeth.

Contact us today to have your pet's mouth checked out, since prevention or early intervention will keep your pet happy and healthy!