Dr. Havah Haskell

DVM – Owner

Long story short, Dr. Haskell says that becoming a vet was simply her calling. From high school, she set career goals for herself that were challenging, offered the ability to make the world a better place, and do something she loved on a daily basis.

She loves being a vet, loves the critters she meets, loves the diverse group of amazing pet families who love and care for them. She also loves the devoted people she works with, who share the same appreciation of veterinary medicine. She wakes up daily enthusiastic about what the day will bring and how she can help and influence a healthier life for the pets and people around her, even if it is only a little bit.

Dr. Viviana Zumpano


From a young age, Dr. Zumpano’s love for both people and pets led her to veterinary medicine. Her thirst for knowledge assists her with the everyday challenges, while helping pets who cannot speak for themselves. She becomes the pets’ voice when she practices medicine and wants to help all pets live a happy and healthy life.

Preventative care and medical treatment are very important to Dr. Zumpano and believes that all pets must be comfortable everyday. She truly wants the best for every pet in her care and she will be both, a reliable and honest healthcare provider for you and your pet. She treats all pets and their family members with empathy and compassion. Her dedicated team is here to help with your pet and any unexpected pet health issues.

She loves Tucson! After getting her degree from Ross University in St. Kitts, West Indes, she decided to come back home. Another major plus, all her immediate family live here too. Dr. Zumpano shares a home with her husband, three small fluffy poodle mixes and one terrible terrier. She also loves watching sports with her dad.