Through competitive compensation, superb employee benefits, a family-oriented culture, and a solid belief in work/life balance we attract qualified candidates who have the internal drive to become the best version of themselves both professionally and personally.

We believe you should enjoy going to work! We provide a strong team atmosphere where we can all appreciate each other’s company, have fun, and maintain our high standards of patient care and customer service.

We believe in work/life balance. Full-time team members enjoy paid time off and are scheduled a maximum of 38 hours a week.

We believe in continuing education and on-the-job training to help the team accomplish their personal and professional goals.

Our team members are our biggest asset. We are a solution-based team. Everyone is valued for their ideas, skills, education, and expertise. All team members have an important job, and EVERYONE must be successful for the TEAM to be successful. We have a dedicated Leadership Team that offers mentorship and support on a daily basis.

Successful Candidates: We are interested in like-minded people who appreciate and live by our core values. During the application and interview process, we will assess everything about you to determine if we want you representing us, and caring for our patients and clients. During the interview process, we also expect to be judged by you. Are we a good fit for you? Will we meet your expectations for an employer?

Core Values
  1. Respecting every person & creature through empathy and compassion. Every person or creature has been faced many challenges throughout life that we may never know. We choose to be the light of positivity
  2. Healthy Mind & Body for a healthy practice.
  3. Pet Advocates that always put the patient’s needs first.
  4. Communicating through our words & actions with kindness and honesty.
Comprehensive Employee Benefits
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Simple IRA Retirement Program
  • Life Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Sick Time Off
  • Continuing Education
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Excellent Pet Care Benefits
  • Uniforms

We are always accepting applications and we keep qualified resumes on file for six months. Email your resume, cover letter and application to [email protected].


Veterinary Technician/Assistant

Assist the doctors to the fullest extent possible to help improve the quality of care and to aid the doctors in achieving greater efficiency by relieving them of technical nursing care. Every day, veterinary techs/assistants aid in a multitude of procedures including, but not limited to, physical exams, immunizations, dentals, anesthesia monitoring, hospitalization, laboratory, and diagnostic imaging. Additionally, they assist with client education and inventory maintenance.

Patient Care Technicians

Support the doctors and veterinary nurses with maintaining the facility and equipment, caring for hospitalized patients, preparing the surgery suite, restraining and handling patients, and completing administrative tasks.

Customer Service Team (CSR)

Responsible for efficiently managing all client needs and communication, coordinating the appointment schedule; telephone triage (differentiating routine from emergency cases over the phone); maintenance of electronic medical records; discussing charges and payment policies with clients; processing payments; and accurately maintaining the treatment reminder system. They are also accountable for supporting client retention and community outreach activities. Members of the Customer Service Team must also build positive, professional relationships with clients and staff members.