New Clients

Patient & Client Registration

For speedy a check-in, please email the completed Client Registration Sheet and your pet records 48 hours prior to [email protected]


You will be welcomed warmly in our lobby by our customer care representatives with a smile. Plus, you’ll see how much our staff love our jobs and love the pets we care for even more. We always do our best to eliminate fear, anxiety, and stress to create an experience that is better and safer for all involved. For the pets, that means lots of love and treats!

Check-in Process with our Technician

Once you’re escorted into an exam room with your pet, a technician will come in and get your pets’ vitals. Also, the tech will ask you questions about your pet’s general health and well-being. It will include such things as how they are doing at home, what their eating habits are, what concerns you have, etc. Then the tech will step out to share this pre-examination information with the veterinarian.

Your Pet’s Examination

During the physical exam, your vet may ask more questions about your pet and the reason for today’s visit while assessing:

  1. eyes, ears and teeth, skin and coat
  2. abdomen – assessing for pain, enlarged organs or other abnormalities;
  3. listening to heart and lungs to detect any heart murmurs, irregular heart rhythm or abnormal lung sounds;
  4. joints for normal movement or signs of pain.

After the exam, treatments, vaccinations, diagnostic tests such as x-rays or lab work that is in best for your pet will be discussed. A treatment plan will be presented to you prior to anything being done and fees discussed without any pressure. We will tailor your pet’s care to you and your pet’s needs.

If at any point you are not comfortable with what is being offered, we will come up with an alternative plan that you are comfortable with.

Our goal is to reassure you and your pet, throughout the visit, that we are providing the best care to your pet.

After the visit is finished, we escort you to the front desk for check out and will stay in touch! We will let you know when you should bring your pet back for any necessary follow-up care or booster vaccinations.

Loyalty Rewards Program

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Healthy Paws Crew

See You Next Time!

At the end of the visit, your veterinarian will let you know when you should bring your pet back for any necessary follow-up care or booster vaccinations. You can schedule any future appointments with the front desk when you check out.

Payment is expected at time of services rendered. Payment options are Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, Debit Cards, Money Order, Cashier’s Check, and Cash. Convenient financing is also available in most cases through Care Credit. You can log onto their website ahead of time for pre-approval at