What to expect at an Urgent Care Visit

We know that when your pet needs urgent care that it can be traumatic and frightening.  We are to help alleviate some of that stress. This is what you can expect when you visit Rolling Hills Pet Clinic for urgent care visits.

Pet Triage

Regardless if you have a scheduled appointment or you walk in needing medical attention for your pet, your pet will be assessed by a technician and you will be asked to fill out some paperwork.

If your pet’s condition is critical or painful, we will take immediate steps to stabilize your pet as quickly as possible. This may include administering pain medications, placing an IV catheter, delivering oxygen and/or fluid therapy.

If your pet’s condition appears stable based on his or her vitals, you may be asked to wait. If you notice that your pet’s condition changes please alert the staff right away as his or her condition may have worsened.

Our goal is to see scheduled appointments and each urgent care patient as soon as possible. However, urgent care medicine can be unpredictable in nature and sometimes we have no control over wait times. Your patience and understanding will help nurture a low-stress environment for all pets and pet owners, as well as the staff.

Medical History and Exam

Whether it’s a routine appointment or an emergent situation, it’s extremely important that we get accurate details as to why your pet has come to see us. Our staff will ask you important questions that will help determine what tests may need to be performed before the doctor can create a treatment plan for your pets.

A comprehensive physical exam will also be done by the doctor to find clues that can uncover diseases that are not always obvious. Clues to liver, kidney, heart problems, cancer, arthritis and dental issues may not become symptomatic until advanced.

Diagnostics & Treatment

Any testing that is recommended gives us the opportunity to figure out what is going on internally in the pet’s body.  Even apparently healthy animals can have serious organ system problems that are not evident upon from the outside.

Once all the results are back, the doctor will explain what treatment options are available for your pet. The doctor will provide a tailored vet care plan that partners with you and put your pet’s needs first.